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11 Feb

Scott and Bailey – Where Have I Been?

So the good thing about discovering Scott and Bailey so late is that I was able to binge watch 3 seasons/series in a couple of days. But the bad thing is that I’ve been totally missing out on a great show.

I’ll admit, it helped that Rupert Graves (John Garret, Duty & Honour) was in the first series. I don’t think I’m giving anything away by saying he plays a scoundrel. I’m pretty sure he has the very first lines and they are a doozy. For better or worse, I think worse, we don’t see nearly enough of him.

The show is quite popular. The final episodes of the third series drew over 7 million viewers. It also comes on PBS here in the states, but gets no buzz.

The characters are great. Not great in that they are always likeable. Lots of times you want to reach through the screen and smack ’em in the forehead. They are just fun to watch.

I’m going to have to watch the show a few times because they won’t even start filming the fourth series until spring. I’m going to have to talk about the specifics in the forum because some things need to be hashed out and I don’t want to spoil too much here.

03 Feb

I still miss Waking the Dead

Yeah, well, it has been awhile since the last new episodes of Waking the Dead, but I miss it. Of course that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped watching television. This season I’m watching a bunch of things, none of which really hold my interest all that much.

In no order at all:

Sleepy Hollow. Cool show for it’s first season. I hope they don’t start taking themselves too seriously next year. Not too keen on the short season.

Person of Interest. I loved it and thought it was among the best, until they got rid of a pivotal character and introduced two horrible characters. Now, I’m at the point where I have to remind myself to watch.

Scandal. Loved it the first season but it is truly a problematic show.

Grimm. Please why can’t they just kill off Juliette? That show has great potential but that chick needs to go.

Sherlock. Three episodes that weren’t all that great. Hardly worth mentioning.

22 Jan

Still here

Just letting you know, we’re still here. Still fans of Waking the Dead. Offline life is making it hard to upload the episode reviews, but rest assured, the goal is to complete all before too long.

03 Jan

First Five Series of Waking the Dead on Netflix Streaming

Netflix has added Waking the Dead back to the line up of streaming or instant shows. They start with the Pilot episode and run through Cold Fusion.

Keep your fingers crossed and maybe they’ll add the rest of the episodes one day soon. Still, I’m enjoying another way to see Waking the Dead.

05 Apr

Silent Witness Must Be Linked to Waking the Dead

The newest episode of Silent Witness brought together a team of Waking the Dead veterans. Sure it is only my opinion, but I think Death Has No Dominion stands among the best of Silent Witness episodes. Ed Whitmore wrote it, Andy Hay directed it and Richard Burrell was the producer. You may recognize these names from Waking the Dead episodes. The three teamed up to give us Mel’s final episode, Shadowplay but different permutations of the trio worked on 8 episodes. Check out the list of writers and directors in the Evidence Room to see the specific episodes. Click on the column heading and you can sort by writer, producer or director.

silent witness death has no dominion

The important thing is that it was quite a good episode. Some things made it better for ThatBoardThingee regulars. The opening segment was important but it was hard to figure out what was going on. Luckily, the Dead Ringers helped with that in their Watch the Coat sketch.

notBoyd:”And the other murder?”

notGrace: “What other murder?”

notBoyd: “Oh come on Grace, think. Didn’t you see the random opening shots just before the titles? The pantomine cow, the nuns in fishnet stockings throwing playdoh at each other. They must be linked in some way. They must be liiiiiinnnnnnkkked.”

notGrace: “Or maybe just this once, these two seemingly totally unrelated events are in fact totally unrelated.”

So right away, you knew the opening sequence had to matter, even if you could not figure it out. Things don’t actually fall into place until the final scenes. That sounds as if it should be annoying, but I think our WTD alums handled it nicely. They linked everything together, even Nikki’s side story. Good mix of recognizable guest stars so that you did not automatically know who the killer was based on star power.

I think I’ll create a spot in the forum to discuss the specifics of the episode. Don’t worry, I know it must be liinkkkeeed. I have to make the spot first, then come back with the link.

Okay, I’ve created a small spot in the forum to discuss Silent Witness. I’m not sure how many episodes there are this series, but it should be fun to have something new to watch and talk about for a few weeks.

16 Dec

Go Back With Waking the Dead

Dunh, Dunh, Dunh, Dunh, Dunh, Dunh, Dunh, Dunh, Dahnum. Or something like that. The theme to Waking the Dead. It is only fitting, a show about killers needs a killer theme. Whenever I hear it I think of the show and all that has happened over the years. So check out this ode to Waking the Dead and its theme music.

WTD Goes Back

Visit the Gallery, click on the picture above or click this link to a really fun video. I used a different file format than most of the other video I’ve uploaded to the gallery, so please let me know if you encounter any problems trying to view it.

13 Dec

Waking the Dead on Netflix Streaming

If you have Netflix streaming be sure to check out Waking the Dead. So far they only have the pilot through Cold Fusion, the sixth episode of the fifth series. It is listed as 50 episodes which sounds like the whole shebang, but they count each part of the episode as a separate episode. The DVD side also only goes through the fifth series. By way of comparison, they have Spooks/MI-5 through their ninth series.

I’m going to do my part and upload the what happened and whys for the sixth series of Waking the Dead. Perhaps there’s some sort of cosmic balance. Series seven is all there, for whatever that’s worth cosmically.

Netflix has not launched yet in Britain (as far as I know). They promise to do that in 2012. LoveFilm does not seem to have Waking the Dead as a streaming option at all. They do seem to have the DVDs through series nine for rent and purchase.

13 Dec

What Happened and Why in Straw Dog

Hey Grace fans, the first Gracecentric episode Straw Dog told the story of Grace’s first case helping the police. It is unclear whether Grace stuck with it over the years because of the police work or because she associated the experience with pretty Detective Sergeant Harry Taylor. We get some insight into Grace’s past and thought processes but not really as much as you might expect or want. Read all about What Happened and Why in Straw Dog in the Evidence Room.

What Happened and Why in Straw Dog

If you are unfamiliar with What Happened and Why reviews, take note that they reveal the mystery. Nothing takes the place of watching the episodes for yourself, but it is sometimes fun to get someone else’s perspective on what happened. Add your own opinions about the episode in the Straw Dog section of the forum or discuss any other episode or anything about WTD in the forum.

23 Sep

The Body Farm

So have you started to watch The Body Farm? Think of it as Waking the Dead decomposition. It’s the pseudo Waking the Dead spin-off. It’s a spin-off in that this is the same character as on Waking the Dead, but Eve Lockhart didn’t have much of a personality on Waking the Dead so it’s hard to even identify her as the same character. To be fair, I can’t say she has much of a personality on this new show either. It is consistent in that when Eve first showed up on WTD she was involved with the body farm, so this takes her back there, I guess. Trevor Eve is one of the executive producers. Declan Croghan, who wrote several WTD episodes, is the creator.

Waking the Dead Decomp

Theoretically, The Body Farm takes place in the same world as Waking the Dead, but only if everyone were dead. Oddly, I think they were successful in creating their new little world. Watching it I do feel as if I’m in some damp farmhouse that is crawling with bugs and reeking of the distinct odor of decomposing bodies. The people who work there are devoted to their tasks and generally lack the social skills of the average hermit. The downside is that I don’t want to be there.

On Waking the Dead, Eve always came across to me as a dispassionate scientist, even when they tried to make her passionate about something. She also seemed to have more quirks than any of the other characters. She smoked and wore leather jackets which came across as gimmicks in search of a personality. I didn’t dislike Eve, there’s certainly nothing wrong with being a dispassionate scientist, unless you want to be the lead on a tv show.

For better or worse, there are other characters besides Eve Lockhart. You’ve met them all before. They populate every other team drama on tv. Rosa Gilbert, Wunmi Mosaku’s character, would have annoyed me more if I didn’t think that Wunmi wasn’t a darn good actress. I’ve seen her in Moses Jones and an episode of Law and Order UK and was pretty impressed by her. She gets to be a lot happier in this role but the role still needs work. Finlay Robertson, Oggy, gets to be the run-of-the-mill team eccentric. He was the off-beat brother in the Blink episode of Doctor Who. Mark Bazeley is Mike, who I guess has some history with Eve. They could have disclosed it, but if they did I missed it. Keith Allen is D.I. Hale, the cop who begrudgingly needs the help of scientists.

The Body Farm is pretty harmless entertainment. It’s not gripping, but it’s not too annoying. There have been worse shows in recent years, Outcasts springs to mind along with the second year of Survivors. They should have just made a typo and called the show The Boyd Farm – now that would have been a cool show. If you want to discuss The Body Farm or even The Boyd Farm hop over to The Forum

17 Sep

Some Random TBT Site Updates

I’m working on adding a new theme that will be better suited for people using mobile devices. It will take a bit of tinkering but if you have any input on the matter, let me know. Feel free to let me know whether you ever visit the site on your phone, or an ipad or anything like that.

The latest change that you may actually notice, apart from general software updates, is in the Gallery where I’ve updated the software. It also means I changed the layout. I prefer the old color scheme so I’ll keep working on that. Some files, hopefully very few, may be misplaced. The fun part is that I added two music videos. One is an ode to Sue Johnston ShangiLaSue Johnston’s special about Shangri-La. It’s very relaxing. The song is actually Shambala by Three Dog Night, but it’s the same thing.

You’ll also find a Spooks/MI-5 video.Harry and Ruth Sadly, this is their final series as well.

As always, leave your thoughts, comments and suggestions here or in the Forum

01 Jul

Trevor Eve Day

Hey! It’s TREVOR EVE DAY!!!!

This is one of those benchmark years, aka 60. Celebrate by watching some music vids in the gallery or posting comments in the forum.

11 Apr

Waking the Dead Waterloo Cast

Waking the Dead
Series 9 Episode 5

Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd : Trevor Eve
Psychological Profiler Grace Foley : Sue Johnston
Detective Inspector Spencer Jordan : Wil Johnson
Doctor Eve Lockhart : Tara Fitzgerald
Detective Superintendent Sarah Cavendish : Eva Birthistler


Cathy Nicholson : Lauren Taylor
PC Daniel Edgerton : Ben Adams
Sgt Stanley Heath : Howard Coggins
DCC Maureen Smith : Elizabeth Rider
Ken Deighton : Robert Morgan
Luke : George Rainsford
Reverend Dennis Grant : Louis Mahoney
Pele : Jermaine Allen
Max : Luke Bryant
PC Tony Nicholson : Matt Granados
ACC Tony Nicholson : Paul McGann
Martin Barlow : Jake Curran
Doug Symes : Andy De La Tour
Darren Hawes : Alfie Browne-Sykes
Bill Knight : Stephen Greif
Anne Nicholson : Elizabeth Healey
young Jason Heath : Alexander Wilson
Jason Heath : Dorian Lough
George Barlow : David Bradley

written by Ed Whitmore

directed by Andy Hay
produced by Colin Wratten
Exec Producer Anne Pivcevic

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All original content, designs and logos of That Board Thingee, The Evidence Room, That Award Thingee, The Gallery and the forum have been created and copyright is owned by Ella R. 2002-08. The series Waking the Dead was created by Barbara Machin. No claim of ownership is made for Waking the Dead.

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